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Gymnastics Equipment
Ballet & Dance Equipment

Gymnastics Mats
     Folding-I Love Gym
     Folding-I Love Cheer
     Folding Mat (No Decal)
     Folding Mat (Design)
     Folding Mat (Custom)
     SoftPlay Folding Mat
     Stunt Mat
     Throw Mat / Stick Mat
     Practice Mat
     Landing Pit Mat
     Modular Landing Mat
     Cartwheel Mat
     Crosslink Foam Rolls
     EZ-Roll Flooring
     Foam Roll Storage Bag
     Seamless Flooring
     Rollable Runway
     Round Off X-Mat

Balance Beams
     Foam Practice Beam
     Foam Sectional Beam
     Pre-Elite Gymnastics Beam
     Low Balance Beams
     Low Beam Legs

     Mini Bar & Mat
     Mini Bar Rings
     Multi-Use Parallel Bar
     Floor Training Bar
     Low Parallel Bar

Aids & Props
     Incline-I Love Gym
     Incline-I Love Cheer
     Incline Mat (12")
     Incline Mat (16")
     Incline Mat (Custom)
     Balance Trainer
     Handspring Machine
     Smarter Spotter
     Smarter Spotter (Cheer)
     Spring Board
     Mini Mounting Block
     Speed Bumps
     Fun Cube
     Half Donut
     Octagonal Tumblers
     Octagon Halves
     Sectional Blocks
     Sectional Blocks Set
     Spot Block
     Parallel Blocks
     Panel Block
     Hand/Foot Position Mats
     Target and Arrow Mats
     Scooters/Moving Dollies
     Traffic/Safety Cones
     Climbing Rope
     Gymnastics Chalk
     Runway Tape Measure
     Sticky Beam Strips

Vinyl Cleaning & Care
Polyurethane v. Polyethylene

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Wall Padding
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Vinyl Cleaning & Care

Vinyl covered mats are constructed of top-quality materials and designed to provide years of service under normal conditions.  Although most of our mats are covered with extremely durable 18oz coated vinyl material, you should always pick your mat up and carry it from place to place (including even short distances). Most cover wear results from mats being dragged across the floor.

Vinyl mat covers require frequent cleaning to remove perspiration and maintain hygiene.  Agents containing chlorine will damage materials and should NOT be used. For cosmetic cleaning only, use a solution of mild detergent mixed with water.  To protect against bodily fluid borne pathogens, (e.g. HIV, MRSA, etc.) use a disinfectant product such as our KenClean or Oxivir.

Always test cleaning solutions on a small portion of the mat underside before cleaning entire mat.  Tough stains may often be removed with a small amount of non-abrasive mechanic's hand cleaner (not the type that contains pumice or other gritty components) which is easily and inexpensively available at most automotive parts stores and a soft cloth.

Our mats are intended for indoor use only. Vinyl mat covers, no matter the color, quickly absorb and retain heat when exposed to direct sunlight. Hot vinyl surfaces can severely burn unprotected skin on contact.

Ultraviolet rays degrade vinyl, even extremely durable 18oz vinyl with which our mats are covered. Using this mat outdoors or exposing its cover to direct sunlight will reduce its useful life, violate any applicable warranty, and place mat owner/user in significant jeopardy.

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