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Gymnastics Equipment
Ballet & Dance Equipment

Gymnastics Mats
     Folding-I Love Gym
     Folding-I Love Cheer
     Folding Mat (No Decal)
     Folding Mat (Design)
     Folding Mat (Custom)
     SoftPlay Folding Mat
     Stunt Mat
     Throw Mat / Stick Mat
     Practice Mat
     Landing Pit Mat
     Modular Landing Mat
     Cartwheel Mat
     Crosslink Foam Rolls
     EZ-Roll Flooring
     Foam Roll Storage Bag
     Seamless Flooring
     Rollable Runway
     Round Off X-Mat

Balance Beams
     Foam Practice Beam
     Foam Sectional Beam
     Pre-Elite Gymnastics Beam
     Low Balance Beams
     Low Beam Legs

     Mini Bar & Mat
     Mini Bar Rings
     Multi-Use Parallel Bar
     Floor Training Bar
     Low Parallel Bar

Aids & Props
     Incline-I Love Gym
     Incline-I Love Cheer
     Incline Mat (12")
     Incline Mat (16")
     Incline Mat (Custom)
     Balance Trainer
     Handspring Machine
     Smarter Spotter
     Smarter Spotter (Cheer)
     Spring Board
     Mini Mounting Block
     Speed Bumps
     Fun Cube
     Half Donut
     Octagonal Tumblers
     Octagon Halves
     Sectional Blocks
     Sectional Blocks Set
     Spot Block
     Parallel Blocks
     Panel Block
     Hand/Foot Position Mats
     Target and Arrow Mats
     Scooters/Moving Dollies
     Traffic/Safety Cones
     Climbing Rope
     Gymnastics Chalk
     Runway Tape Measure
     Sticky Beam Strips

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Gymnastics Equipment: Balance Beams

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Top Quality Balance Beams

Are you in search of the best gymnastics balance beam?  This is the place to find the best selection at the right prices!  At, we give you access to a vast inventory of balance beams along with our many other gymnastics products.  Whether you are an instructor or you enjoy practicing gymnastics yourself, you'll want the highest quality products to ensure optimum performance and safety.  Now that you've found us, you'll have access to an elite array of beams in many styles and sizes to meet the needs of gymnasts from beginners to experts.  Find out more about the many types of gymnastics products you'll find here. Features:

  • Low Balance Beam—Perfect for youth gymnasts, these Low Balance Beam products are individually crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring lasting performance.  With features like rubber-padded legs, you will have peace of mind that these are the premier low balance beam options on the market today.
  • Folding Practice Balance Beam—The options in folding practice balance beam products are ideal for children practicing simple activities.  Created with the best materials, they fold in half for easy storage and added convenience.
  • Foam Sectional Balance Beams—Our inventory of foam sectional balance beams are connectible and fun to use.  Ideal for home or gym use, they are 4' x 4'.
  • Pre-Elite Low Balance Beam—Perfect for home or gym use, the Pre-Elite Low Balance Beam gives you the latest innovations in gymnastics.  With exceptional firmness and stability, these beams are perfect for professionals.
  • Balance Beam Legs—Find low balance beam legs in 18" or 12" sizes for use with low balance beam products
  • Gymnastic Beam Straps—A full inventory of sticky trips to aid young kids as they practice on the floor beam.

With endless options in gymnastics products, is here to give you access to the best.

Find Everything for Professionals, Trainers, and Beginners


With something for gymnasts at every level, has it all!  We have practice beams for young children as they learn simple maneuvers as well as professional training beams as you gear up for high-level competitions. Whether this is your first time practicing or you've been at it for years, we're here to give you the best solutions to your gymnastics needs.  In addition to our full inventory of balance beam products, we have many other things that will enhance your training.  Gymnasts can also find Gymnastics Mats, Gymnastics Bars, and Aids/Props. 

If you're interested in finding the best quality products from the leading experts in the field, this is the place to find it all. also has products for yoga, wrestling, dance, and many other activities. 

Cartwheel Mat

Gymnastics Beam Strips | Gymnastics Floor Beam


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