Heated Floor Mats & Radiant Heaters

Looking for a small personal heater for home or work? These low-wattage, low-hazard personal heaters are a perfect fit for everyone who needs a little warmth. Perfect for homes, apartments, offices, industrial/warehouse workspaces, garages, basements, cabins, etc. Small, sleek, discreet and energy efficient! If it's cold inside or snowing outside, we have a Cozy Product solution to keep you warm, safe, and productive.

Heated Mats and Radiant Space Heaters To Keep You Warm.

  • The Foot Warmer Mat can be used to keep you warm when standing in a warehouse, sitting at your office desk or at home.

  • The Snow Melting Mat eliminates snow/ice at entrances to home or work.

  • The Flat Panel Radiant Heaters is your personal space heater and can be used almost anywhere. Safer, more efficient, and more versatile than traditional space heaters.

  • The Heated Footrest allows you to rest and warm your cold feet while sitting. This footrest heater is considered to be eco friendly because of its energy efficiency.