Mat Rental Service vs. Buying

If you are a business owner, or manager, you have probably asked yourself at one time or another... should I rent or purchase door mats?  Well, here is a formula to show you that buying your own entrance mats, logo mats or runners is cheaper than using a door mat rental company.

# of Mats per location x $Weekly Costs x 52 weeks x # of Locations

ABC Tire Shop uses an entrance mat Rental Service for 6 door mats (3'x5' in size) at $5.00 per mat per week rental cost for 4 locations...

Rental Costs:
6 doormats x $5.00 weekly cost =  $30.00 x 52 weeks = $1560.00 per Location x 4 Locations = $6240.00 per year... ouch!

Purchase Costs:
6 rubber backed door mats (3'x5' in size) @ $75.00 each = $450.00.    

$450.00 to purchase vs. $1560.00 per year for rental door mats.
This would save you $1110.00 per year, per location x 4 Locations = a $4440.00 SAVINGS! 

You could buy a 2nd set for backup or for those bad days you would have them on hand if needed... and it would still cheaper than renting!

We offer the same exact gripper rubber backed mats that a mat rental company typically uses for renting.  In fact, many of these companies buy the mats from us and then turn around and rent them to you.  The mat rental company then uses these mats for an average of 5 years... and you could too.  So, why rent? Buy mats and SAVE!