For a large selection of quality products at great prices you’ve come to the right place! is your one stop to shop for everything mats related. We not only have a terrific selection, but also a friendly, highly trained sales staff ready to assist you with all of your mat needs.

Many of our products can be made to order. For custom sizes, simply request a quote for a custom mat and one of our friendly sales representatives will email you a written quote. If you would like to speak with them directly you can always call 877-777-6287 and they will be happy to help in any way needed.

All purchases are completely secure and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We know there are many places to shop online and want to thank you for choosing to shop with us. Below is a categorized list of the many products we carry.

Commercial Mats and Industrial Matting:

Entrance mats, door mats (for the office), doormats (for the home), logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, commercial floor mats, industrial mats, anti-static mats (conductive mats), switchboard mats (high voltage insulating mats), kitchen mats, rubber mats, floor mats, outdoor mats, heated mats, tradeshow flooring, custom mats and much more.


Mats for fitness, aerobics, pilates, exercise, folding mats, exercise equipment mats, treadmill mats, workout and weight lifting gloves, exercise balls, foam floor tiles for exercise floors, gym flooring.

Gymnastics Equipment:

Gymnastics mats, balance beams, incline mats (aka cheese mat or wedge mat), cartwheel mats, crosslink foam flooring (EZ Rolls / Flexi Rolls), practice mats, throw mats and much more.

Dance Equipment:

Ballet bars (wall mounted ballet bar or free standing ballet bar), vinyl dance floor - dance studio flooring, and glassless mirrors.

Kids Products:

Play mats, puzzle mats, tumbling mats, kids nap mats, rest mats, cots, yoga mats for kids, bean bag chairs, kids playroom flooring, and daycare supplies.

Eco-Friendly Products:

Eco yoga mats, eco-friendly meditation cushions, recycled rubber door mats and other green products. Natural products, recycled products, organic products, bio-degradable products, green products, eco products, socially conscious companies and sustainable resources...See our large selection of environmentally friendly items that are healthier and safer for our planet.

Meditation Supplies:

Meditation cushions (zafu pillow and zabuton mat), meditation benches, meditation music, meditation pillows and more.

Pillows and Comfort Products:

Body pillows, maternity pillows, pregnancy pillows, mattress covers, silk eye pillows and more.

Wrestling and Martial Arts Equipment:

Wrestling mats, wrestling mat tape, mat cleaner, wall padding, martial arts mats, MMA mats, karate mats, grappling mats and more.

Yoga Supplies:

Yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets, yoga bags and many other yoga products including a large selection of eco yoga products such as eco yoga mats (rubber mats, cotton yoga mats and clean PVC yoga mats), bamboo yoga blocks, wood blocks, and cork blocks.