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Heated Floor Mat (Foot Warmer)

Foot Warmer Mat - Largel

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Cozy Products Foot Warmers
Heated Floor Matsl
Heated Floor Mats

Foot Warmer Mat - Size: 14"x21" - $39.95   
Foot Warmer Mat - Size: 16"x36" - $59.95   
Hi-Lo-Off Switch - $12.95   

Heated Boot Warmers and Foot Warmer Mat

Use in workstations, offices, factory floors or any other cold environment. The foot warmer mat is also a great gift idea. Radiant heat warms your feet and your whole body.

These innovative Cozy Products electric heated floor mats are ideal for the office, factory or home. Made of thick insulated rubber this heated mat is completely safe and will surround your feet with cozy warmth. This Electra Floor Heating Mat (#28 or #36) will also help reduce high electricity costs - it is ten times more efficient than a traditional space heater. It is also much safer than a space heater.

Direct, gentle heat is perfect in chilly basements, garages, porches, attics, or any other poorly heated area of a home. Also ideal for parking or auto garages, farm buildings or barns, security or toll booths, warehouses, check-out counters, shipping desks or any unheated areas of a workplace.

  • Color: Black
  • Much safer than space heaters which can tip over and cause fires.
  • Power consumption: about 100 Watts (draws no more power than a lightbulb, costs pennies a day).
  • No carbon monoxide risk.
  • Portability - take our footwarmer with you wherever you go.
  • Neutral finish.
  • Completely waterproof, including cord attachment into mat. Made of waterproof, sealed and insulated rubber.
  • Does not emit electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • ETL listed/certified
  • Compare ETL versus UL certification
  • 6 foot electrical cord with polarized, two-conductor plug (will fit into wall socket only one way)
  • No built-in ON/OFF switch; just plug in/unplug or use a power strip with a switch.
  • 130 - 135 degrees surface temperature.

Heated Boot WarmersThe foot warmer mat is also excellent for drying wet shoes, boots or socks. The mat dries the shoes or socks so they are warm and comfortable for later use. No more wet or moldy-smelling shoes. Children, house guests, gardeners, and rain-soaked homeowners will appreciate this handy dryer.

Note: Do not use on wood floors as permanent wood discoloration or damage may occur. Do not use on carpeting without an insulating layer such as cardboard between the mat and the carpeting.

Available in two sizes:

       Small - 14" x 21" x 3/8", approx. 5 pounds, 90 watts.
       Large - 16" x 36" x 3/8", approx. 12 pounds, 135 watts.

Hi-Lo Switch For Heated MatsHi-Lo-Off Switch
For temperature adjustment and more convenient on/off control, try our hi-lo-off switch. It allows you to adjust the foot warmer mat to a low power output setting or to turn it off completely without having to unplug it (or turning off a power strip).
The low power setting yields more gentle heat (approx. 115 degrees) to keep you warm if the uncontrolled temperature is hotter than you need.

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