Yoga Bolster

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Yoga Bolster

Rectangular Yoga Bolster in use
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Natural Cotton Yoga Bolster
Purple Rectangular Yoga Bolster
Black Rectangular Yoga Bolster
Red Rectangular Yoga Bolster
Black Round Yoga Bolster
Navy Blue Round Yoga Bolster
Navy Blue-Round

Rectangular Yoga Bolster and Round Yoga Bolster in RedOur yoga bolsters are made with durable foam cores, heavily wrapped in 100% natural cotton batting to provide comfortable, firm support to your back, abdomen or legs. We offer two types of covers, a cotton yoga bolster cover made of 100% natural cotton and our beige eco hemp yoga bolster cover. Both covers can easily be removed for washing. A bolster for yoga has many uses. It can assist students having difficulty maintaining proper posture during certain poses due to lack of flexibility or injury. A bolster for yoga can also be used to help extend your stretch during many yoga poses. These also create a wonderful yoga cushion that provides support for the lower back and other parts of the body and are therefore often used by women engaging in prenatal yoga.

Colors: Natural, Beige Hemp, Purple, Navy Blue, Medium Denim Blue, Red or Black

Available Styles:
Approx. Size - Round:. 9" Diameter x 27" Long
Approx. Size - Rectangle: Approx. 12" Wide x 6" High x 24" Long

Natural Yoga Bolster
Purple Yoga Bolster
Navy Blue Yoga Bolster
Black Yoga Bolster
Navy Blue
Denim Yoga Bolster
Red Yoga Bolster
Beige Hemp Eco Yoga Bolster
Beige Hemp

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