How do I install and tape down my dance studio Matlay vinyl floor?

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Matlay/Marley Vinyl Dance Floor Tape Down Installation/Instructions

Sweep and prep floor. The dance floor area must be free of sharp objects (no screws, nails, staples, etc.) Big holes, cracks or seams must be filled and leveled.

Vinyl Dance Floor (a "Marley" dance floor) should be laid out flat, giving it time to relax, expand, contract or anything that it wants to do before it is secured by the tape. Roll out floor and place it where it will go, with none of the edges touching anything so it can relax and settle. Room temperature, preferably between 60° and 80° F should be maintained, as temperature changes do affect all dance vinyl. After floor has settled, line up the seams between the lengths so that the seams almost touch without putting pressure on each other.

Be sure vinyl seaming dance floor tape has been stored at a temperature above 50°F. Using two people, one holds the end down and the other unrolls the tape. Unroll the dance floor tape to about 10' and let relax one minute; put tape down on seams and hold flat with palm of hand. Unroll more tape and repeat. Before final taping of outer edge of Matlay, sweep out air starting from the center of the floor and work to the edge allowing Matlay to relax.

In some cases, the outside edge of Matlay need not be taped down if it is next to a wall (as floor will expand or shrink according to room temperature).