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Meditation Audio CDs (with narration)

As long as 5000 years ago, it was discovered when we become present without judgment, in the silence of being, we can access the infinite power of all creation. Traditionally someone might meditate or do Yoga for years before they experience this enlightenment. When someone would have a brief glimpse of this enlightened, the state was called a Satori.

Most of us spend a lifetime focusing on desires and fears, every once in a while we visit the present moment fully. When we do it feels great and is always remembered as one of our happiest moments in life.

Dr. Frederick's Satori: The Beginning
This CD is for relaxation, stress reduction, and sleeping well!

Meditation DVDMeditation Music The Beginning meditation CD contains 48 minutes of music and narration. This CD is an amazing way to learn to meditate. It is best when played at bedtime and is great for stress reduction and sleeping problems. No prior knowledge is needed.

Track #1 contains
24 minutes of narration and music meant to stimulate the Alpha state. This track teaches one how to calm the mind and learn to use breath and thoughts to relax the body and mind.

Track #2 contains 24 minutes of incredibly relaxing music, by composer Alan Reeves that stimulates the Alpha state.

Free Shipping $24.95 Each (includes shipping!)

Dr. Frederick's Satori: Achieving Your Goals
This CD is for inspiration, focusing, and creativity!

This Satori “Achieving Your Goals” is 58 minutes total. It brings out the creativity, peace, joy and power of life. It is energizing and motivating. It is best played in the morning.

Track #1 is an 8-minute introduction to meditation and the Satori.

Track #2 is 25 minutes of narration and music. The listener is guided inward to a place of real power, joy, peace and creativity. This narrated journey not only energizes the listener, but also teaches you how to direct and focus the energy to accomplish your goals.

Track # 3 is 25 minutes of re-enforcing pure music by composer Alan Hewitt. This CD does not contain Yoga poses or Asanas; however, it is based on the yoga Sutras. It is a must have to inspire and/or complement your yoga workout or your life journey.


Free Shipping $24.95 Each (includes shipping!)

Dr. Frederick's Satori: Walking in Awareness
This CD is for posture, fighting depression, and FUN.
That's right a meditation designed to help you smile!

This amazingly simple walking meditation CD has 50 minutes of upbeat music and narration. Reducing stress and its effects, releasing endorphins that fight depression, better posture and enhancing healing and longevity in the body – these are just some of the positive outcomes of Dr. Frederick's Satori CD- Walking in Awareness.

Based on the same principles as his other CDs, but also including visualizations to really improve your posture and awareness, this CD is very powerful and easy for anyone to use. If you have difficulty sitting still or just want to add another special meditative experience to your life, try this, it is the ultimate body, mind and spirit transformational CD.

Track #1 is a 1-minute introduction to this walking meditation.

Track #2 is 25 minutes of narration and music. The listener is guided on proper breathing techniques, proper posture and then taught how to use all the senses. There is so much information in our life that can help us, if we learn to use and access it. Dr. Frederick uses over ten ways to help the listener find awareness and wisdoms.

Track # 3 is 25 minutes of re-enforcing pure music by highly spirited composer Alan Hewitt. The upbeat music is fun and inspiring.

Free Shipping $29.95 Each (includes shipping!)

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