Video: Ultimate Body Conditioning

Video: Ultimate Body Conditioning


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Karate DVD - The Ultimate Body Conditioning

Karate DVDFor the first time ever, Soke Tak Kubota reveals hidden treasures of combat. See the secrets of hand and body conditioning used by the ancient Okinawa karate masters to defeat armed Japanese Samurai with their bare hands! Tak Kubota, the world's most knowledgeable karate master on ancient combat conditioning, demonstrates in detail the training that made him a lethal weapon! Knowing martial arts techniques is only a foundation. Hands and feet conditioning is the next step in delivering devastating blows with rock-crushing power! Many of these exercises and training methods have never been revealed to the public before.

For over 50 years beginners and black belts have benefited from Master Kubota's amazing unconventional methods!

Video length is approximately 55 minutes.
Available on DVD.

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