Gymnastics Skill Shapes

Before your gymnastics students can win gold at the Olympics, they’ll need to develop their fundamentals. Our collection of gymnastics training aids includes everything your students may need before they’re able to swing on the bars or perform on the balance beam. We offer a variety of step mats, wedge incline mats, mushroom trainers, gymnastic blocks, and more.

Gymnastics Wedge Mat
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Balance trainers are essential for developing motor skills your young athletes may not have yet. These skills are essential for completing stunts. Once your students have developed the appropriate motor skills, it’s time to ease them into tumbling and more advanced routines with wedge inclines. The added incline makes it easier for young gymnasts to complete walkovers. Before they try turning on the high beam, we recommend that they practice and build up core strength with one of our floor foam practice beams.

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