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Meditation Cushions (Zafu & Zabuton)

Meditation Cushions (Zafus and Zabutons)Meditation Cushion (Natural Zafu and Zabuton)

Zafu Pillow:
Zabuton Mat with Cover:
Color of Cover $49.00
Extra Cover for Zabuton Mat:  
of Cover $18.00
Meditation Combo (includes Zafu, Zabuton and Zabuton Cover):  $79.00
Zabuton Mat with Cover: Color of Cover  
Zafu Pillow:   
Hemp Meditation Combo
(includes Beige Hemp Zafu, Natural Cotton Zabuton and Beige Hemp Zabuton Cover):  

Zafu Style:   $130.00

Zafu Pillow Meditation Cushion:
Zafu Pillows and Zabuton MatsOur comfortable and supportive Zafu Pillow provides better spine alignment and proper height for a more comfortable and deeper meditation. The Zafu makes sitting meditation easier on the knees and ankles. Our Buckwheat Hull filling gently conforms to your body's shape and is wrapped in a strong, pure cotton twill shell (our natural colored Zafu is untreated and unbleached). Our Zafu pillows are a supremely comfortable resting place from which to embark on the meditative travels of the mind/body. Available in Round or Crescent shape.

Buckwheat Hulls: Small buckwheat shells that mold and conform to your body extremely well.

Zafu Cushion - RoundNon-Colored Natural: Untreated and unbleached
Colored: Do not use natural dyes.
Size: Approx. 15" diameter x 5-6" thick
Weight: Approx. 6 pounds.

Made in America

Also available is an organic zafu: cotton covered with 100% organic filling.
Also available is a silk zafu with 100% organic filling.
Also available is a 100% organic silk zafu.

Zabuton Mat Meditation Cushions:
Zabuton Mats with Round ZafuZafus work better on top of our traditional Zabuton mat. The all natural Zabuton mat is handmade from chemical-free "Green Cotton", 10oz. duck for its shell and stuffed with pure cotton batting to provide a cushioned surface for your ankles and legs for stress-free meditation. The Zabuton mat always has a natural cotton shell (untreated and unbleached cotton, natural off-white color) and comes with a removable cover in the following colors: natural (untreated and unbleached), beige hemp, purple, navy blue, medium denim blue, red and black (colored Zabuton covers do not use natural dyes).
Size: Approx. 29" x 29" x 2"
Weight: Approx. 4 pounds

Made in America

Also available is a cotton covered zabuton with 100% organic filling.
Also available is a silk covered zabuton with 100% organic filling.

Zabuton and Crescent Zafu in Red

Zabuton Cover:
Also available is an additional cover in seven colors to protect your Zabuton Mat
Size: Approx. 29"x29"x2"

Also available is a completely organic version of our zabuton cover.

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