SikaFlex 227 Rubber Floor Seam Sealer (Black)

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Item: RB-SIKA227

Product Description

SikaFlex 227 Seam Sealant (Black) - Caulk Tube Size.

Rubber flooring seams may be sealed along the edges of the seams using the black colored SikaFlex 227 adhesive/sealant (DO NOT USE MasterWeld 941 adhesive, as it dries to a tan color). Available in gun grade for use with a caulking gun.

  • SikaFlex 227 Seam Sealant - Caulk Tube Size.
  • Color: Dries glossy black.
  • Application: Do not apply directly to top surface. Apply to edges of seams such that material will be flush with top surface. Wipe off any overflow onto top surface immediately.

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