Why a Zafu cushion is ideal for meditation

For many years, meditation has been part of the culture for most of the Eastern cultures. They usually rely on it as a source of enlightenment and truth. However, this culture has spread towards many Western countries in the modern world. Due to urbanization, many people in many European countries have found themselves living towns. Congestion, traffic jams and crime are major sources of stress in any urban setting. As a result, many people have resulted to meditation as a way of dealing with stress, which usually comes with town life.

Traditionally, one is supposed to adopt the lotus sitting position when meditating. However, many westerners can't manage this posture on a hard ground for long. To make things easier for themselves, they use a Zafu (and sometimes a Zabuton as well) to enhance their comfort. A Zafu is a cushion, which is made especially for use by people during meditation. They are very useful in ensuring that one maintains the ideal posture and comfort during meditation sessions. This kind of mat is available at

The process of manufacturing a Zafu involves filling it with a comfortable filling such as buckwheat hulls. These are available in various styles which are aimed at suiting the different tastes and preferences of different kinds of people. When purchasing, you can choose color and shape (round or oval).

Generally, a Zafu is round in shape. However, due to taller people in the Western part of the world, oval shapes have been introduced in the market. This shape allows people with longer legs to tuck their legs in close without the interference of the cushion. Using meditation cushions for your sessions has several benefits, but your comfort is the most important when sitting for long periods of time.

Since these pillows are filled with kapok or buckwheat hulls, they are firm and ideal for the maintaining of your back posture. There is also another very important benefit. In addition, meditation cushions come in different sizes and thickness, making them easy to modify to suit your own taste and specification.

New Zafu cushion styles have also been introduced in the market most of which can be found at There is the oval shaped one, whose shape is meant to provide more space to accommodate people with longer legs (as mentioned above). Custom sizes are also available. Since one is able to adjust the thickness of the cushion through the removal or addition of kapok or buckwheat hulls, people of different weights and body structures find it ideal for use in their meditation sessions. For most people, the amount of filling found inside the meditation cushion upon receipt of the pillow is ideal, and no removal (or addition) of filling is necessary.

There are people who may prefer to use a meditation kneeling bench instead of a Zafu for their sessions. There is no problem with making such a decision. What is important is to ensure that you are comfortable, to reap the maximum benefits from your meditation sessions. Proper meditation is known to offer many benefits including improvement of your physical and mental health, which are vital for ones well-being.