Meditation Pillows

Meditation Pillow - Getting the Right Support

Attempting meditation without the right Zafu meditation pillow is going into a venture that is sure to fail even before it starts. Many people have made this mistake only to find themselves focusing more on the discomforts they are feeling rather than on the meditation itself.

There is no way around using the right meditation pillows and using the right meditation pillow starts with knowing to choose the right meditation pillow which involves knowing where you intend to be doing the meditations.

Your meditation may be on hard concrete or wooden floors or on a grass surface. Whatever surface it is should be well determined before attempting to choose your meditation pillows as this would be a major factor to be considered in the decision making process.

Let us now look at some of the different surfaces and the types of meditation pillows that would be most suitable for each.

Hard Concrete or Wood Surfaces.

The best type of pillow for this type of surface is the two stage meditation pillow. This type of pillow is a combination of a solid form for the base part and a softer fill for the top part. If you use a regular pillow on this type of surface, apart from the fact that the pillows would constantly need to be changed, you would discover that you would always have a sore bottom and some difficulty getting up from your meditation position.

Grass Surfaces.

One major thing about the meditation pillows that would be ideal for a grass surface is that since it would require constant and regular washing because of the dirt it is sure to pick up every time you use it, you need to get a pillow that is machine washable. A nylon based fill would be okay for this type of surface.

Getting the right kind of meditation pillows is so important that you should not go to get your meditation pillows from just any seller or manufacturer. It is simple. Find the right seller or manufacturer, get suitable meditation pillows, and your meditation exercise can go without the distraction of bodily discomfort.

Remember that talking to an expert can help you decide on the exact type of meditation pillow you need. You can call an expert today toll free and find out what you would need whether at home or in your studio. Contact us toll free at 877-777-6287 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Pacific time) or you can simply browse our website.