Custom Carpet Logo Mat

What Are Logo Mats?

Logo mats are mats that have an organization's logo imprinted or embossed on them.

Who Uses Custom Logo Mats?

Logo mats can be used by any organization, be it a commercial entity, a school, a church, etc. There is nothing stopping an individual from having their own custom logo mats. You can only be hindered or restricted by your imagination.

Where Can Logo Mats Be Used?

There are more ways that logo mats can be used than can be listed here. They can be used as door or entrance logo mats, decorative floor mats for your lobby or hall, and even if you so desire, you can use it for your flooring.

What Can I Achieve With Logo Mats?

Logo mats can be used as a part of your corporate image. Remember that your logo is a symbol of what your company stands for. Having them strategically placed in different locations via the mats would imprint this image more in the minds of your staff and customers alike.

Some locations require anti-skid floors, high voltage insulating mats, conductive mats etc. Whatever you want to achieve with a floor mat, you can achieve double by making it a logo mat. This way, you solve whatever problem or challenge the mat was meant to solve, and then you also have your company or organizations logo tastefully incorporated into the mat giving you more advertising mileage.

In choosing a logo mat, you need more than just the logo. You need to find the perfect mat for the location where you want to place it. If it is a slippery location, then you would certainly need a non-skid mat. If it is an area around high voltages, you would want something like an insulating mat. Areas where you have constant exposure to water would need a water resistant mat. From these, you can see that not every mat would do well in every area. The first thing to do is get your logo ready, then you talk with your mat expert who would then recommend what type of mat your logo should be imprinted or embossed on after considering the location where you want to place them.

Remember that talking to an expert can help you decide on the exact type of log mat you need. You can call an expert today toll free and find out what you would need whether at home or in your business. Contact us toll free at 877-777-6287 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Pacific time) or you can simply browse our website.