Balance Beam

If you're in charge of providing the materials needed for a school, you know how expensive those items can be, especially sporting goods equipment for the gymnasium. Replacing a gymnastics balance beam can be especially expensive since they're typically several hundred dollars each, and some schools need more than one.

While a good balance beam for kids should last for years, this doesn't mean that you'll never need to replace yours. You may need something smaller for younger children or know that today's models are more padded and therefore safer. Getting an adjustablebalance beam can also make it easier for newer students and younger students who are afraid of the height and who haven't yet learned how to fall safely. When you have more then one available you can also teach more effectively since more of the students can practice at one time rather than sitting and waiting.

Here are a few quick reminders when it comes to choosing a new or replacement low balance beam for your school; these will help you to make the best choice for your students.Know the sizes. The size of the beam will be determined by the size of the gymnasts and their level of expertise.

Younger children have a harder time with longer beams that are too far off the grounds, whereas older children and those more experienced need that extra room for their performances. In many cases you may want to choose more than one balance beam, such as a six-foot, a ten-foot, and a twelve-foot model. These can be used by the different students to gradually work their way up to the largest size available.

You might also consider a gymnastics balance beam with adjustable legs so that you can set it up off the ground at various heights. Usually you'll see them with fixed height legs that then allow for adjustment after that height, meaning the legs may be twenty-four inches off the ground and can then be adjusted to thirty inches off the ground. Make sure you read the description of the balance beam so you understand the different heights and widths available before making a purchase.

Consider the other elements.If you're looking to train children on a balance beam for serious competition, of course you want the beam to resemble the ones used in competition as closely as possible. Their shape and padding will be important as competitions use a particular oval shape with foam padding. When you shop for a beam, note these details and be sure you choose one that says it's made just like professional beams used in competitions. It's good to take your time to shop around for the correct product and to compare notes as much as possible. When you shop online you can do this quickly and easily; write out the different websites you visit and make sure you note the different features of the balance beam you're considering. If you take the time to compare, then you'll save the most money overall.